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4130 Chromoly Steel Seamless Pipes Direct Sale

4130 material steel, informally referred to as chromoly steel, is an alloy steel from the SAE (or AISI) family of steel materials. Its components are tempered or heat treated to increase the toughness and the hardness of the final product are produced for more demanding applications. BEBON STEEL is able to manufacture, transport and deliver 4130 alloy steel seamless pipe products direct sale to the customer in the untreated or heat treated form. Our professional workers will offer you the chemical components test and other inspection reports.
4130 Chromoly steel has a very high strength to weight ratio and are significantly stronger and harder than standard 1020 steel. The presence of chromium in the material makes the material more corrosion resistant but the quantity is not sufficiently high to ensure that the material is as corrosion resistant as stainless steel. Chromium also increases the hardenability of the material. The strength of 4130 seamless pipe becomes very high when subject to hear treatment to to the chromium in the material. The addition of Molybdenum in 4130 alloy steel pipes increases the creep strength and the abrasion resistance of the product. Like chromium, the presence of molybdenum also increases the hardenability of the material.
Application: 4130 chromoly steel seamless pipe is intended for ideal for components that require high strength coupled with low weight such as components used in the aerospace industry. In addition to the strength to weight ratio, the relative ease ease with which 4130 alloy can be fabricated and welded makes this material popular for aircraft structural parts. Main uses include rock-crushing machinery, drill sleeves for mining and exploration), automotive parts, cutting tools like drills, taps and milling cutters and is ideally suited in the field of resistance welding.